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Often times, gardening projects require larger amounts of garden soils/mulch/compost/sand/gravel/river rock, etc. than single bags. When that happens, come to our garden center and we can load you up with the finest of "earth" products or we can deliver directly to you!

Purchasing bulk products can be made by visiting or calling our garden center only; no online purchases of bulk products should be made.


Bulk Products

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Gravels & Small Rock

Gravel & Small Rock

From $ 45.00
Gravels & Small Rock - America's Gardens

Gravels & Small Rock

$ 50.00

We have several different types of "gravel" products which are sold by the ton. In this category, we've included gravel with small rocks.Their uses vary by product type from cosmetic to functional (or both). Come by our garden center to check out these products. Also, remember to ask about delivery. Please keep in mind that these products cannot...


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