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Love what you grow is our mantra at America's Gardens. We know that having the right garden supplies makes growing easier, more successful and enjoyable. We stock everything you need from potting soils to get your seeds started, plant ties for securing vines and vegetables, pesticides/fungicides, garden tools as well as so many other products allowing you to make short work of those big jobs. With the proper equipment you can make your gardens the envy of the neighborhood.

Not all of our available retail products are shown in this collection; rather, we've chosen to show products online that are specialty items. For a complete selection of products, please visit or retail outlet/store.

Garden Supplies & Gifts

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Planter, File Drawer Wall w/Chalkboard - America's Gardens

Planter, File Drawer Wall w/Chalkboard

$ 12.99

Create an organized floral display on your deck wall using these Panacea Galvanized File Drawer Wall Planters. These charming, all metal planters mimic office file drawers, bringing a bit of fun and contrast to your outdoor setting. A faux handle and black label on each galvanized steel unit further the theme, and the 8" depth of each planter ho...

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