We have bulk gravel, crusher run, various sizes of river gravel and other small stone available to our customers. Additionally, we carry several styles of Tennessee mountain stones & flagstones that we sell by the ton. Feel free to come on by and browse our inventory.

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Gravel, Rock & Stones

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Gravel, Regular & Crusher Run - America's Gardens

Gravel, Regular & Crusher Run

$ 55.00

In bulk, we carry ¾” crushed limestone gravel which is often used as a part of construction projects. For instance, this type of gravel is often used to create a back fill and base for retaining walls. It is also possible to mix this gravel with cement in order to produce heavy duty concrete. Additionally, we also carry ¾”  crushed stone with sm...

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Natural Fieldstones - America's Gardens

Natural Fieldstones

$ 0.00

We carry several varieties of natural field stone and the volume and type vary depending upon the season/availability to us. We welcome you to come by and see what we've got on site. Here are a few of the items that we try to carry : Flagstone Quarry Brown, Fieldstone Medium Regular, Fieldstone Dry Stack Medium, Fieldstone Thick Regular. This pr...

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Pea Gravel
$ 85.00
River & Pea Gravel - America's Gardens

Pea Gravel

$ 85.00

Putting gravels or river rock in an area where grass doesn't grow is an inexpensive way. Please keep in mind rock is usually dirty such as in this photo.Our river gravels come in various sizes - Pea, 1 Inch & 3-4 Inch sizes. All of these sizes are all available by the ton and we welcome our customers to come by and pick it up or ask about de...

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