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Arm King Nectarine Tree


 Beautifully fragrant pink blossom is produced in Springtime followed by large nectarines which ripen early, around mid June. The fruit has a gorgeous green golden smooth skin with a deep red blush, the deep golden yellow flesh is slightly firm and packed with delicious juice and rich flavors. This variety is self fertile but we recommend going ahead and having another nectarine blooming similarly just to help with pollination and fruit yields.

Arm King reaches 12-15' high and 10-12' round at maturity. Arm King is a fairly moderately growing variety of Nectarine with an upright broad form, easy to grow and a reliable producer, bearing fruit from 2-3 years of age.


We prune our fruit trees after they become dormant in the winter and we fertilize in the spring before new growth starts using Espoma Citrus Toner fertilizer. Plant in full sun and in well-drained, but not dry, soil. 


Nectarine trees belong to the Prunus family of plants which is the same as the cherry tree. As is the case with cherries, the pit contains small amounts of cyanide and this can cause poisoning in dogs. It is also a potential choking hazard as it is just the right size to get stuck in a dog's throat. Unfortunately, deer like to snack on nectarine trees!

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