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Better Belle Bell Pepper Plants


This Better Belle Bell Pepper Plant is ideal for small spaces - it reaches only 18-24 inches high and wide, and is ready to harvest in just 65 days. Its sweet flavor has low Scoville heat, and its fruit is a vibrant green-red that looks beautiful in the garden. Perfect for patio containers, the Better Belle Bell Pepper Plant is a fast-growing, easy-to-care-for option that will bring delicious crunch to your salads and dishes.

Hot and sweet peppers love heat and full sun. Plant Better Belle Pepper well after frost has passed and when nighttime temperatures reach at least 60 degrees. Whether growing in a garden bed, raised bed or container, plant the bell pepper in soil that drains well and is rich with organic matter such as compost. Heat the container or ground soil in advance with full sun and a dark mulch or wrap. As the plant grows, support it if necessary. Space Better Belle Peppers at least 18 inches apart.


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