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Copper plant, Bronze pink


A fast-growing tropical evergreen shrub native to Fiji and neighboring South Pacific islands.  It has 4 to 8-inch heart-shaped leaves that come in a variety of mottled color combinations of green, purple, yellow, orange, copper, crimson, pink, or white.  The genus name Acalypha comes from the Greek name for nettles because of the nettle-like appearance of the leaves.  The specific epithet references Charles Wilkes.

Requires consistently moist, well-drained soil or leaf drop will occur.  Great accent in containers, most commonly grown as a houseplant or in a hanging basket or patio container that can be brought indoors over the winter.  Separate male and female flowers appear on the same plant, male spikes long and hanging with female spikes short.  Stems may be pinched to manage size, shape, and promote bushiness.

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