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Cypress Vintage Gold Mop


 For a trouble-free, beautiful garden evergreen that will bring bright color all year round, the Vintage Gold False Cypress is a top choice. With its soft, ferny foliage it makes a superb upright mound, with branches right to the ground. It will grow steadily to perhaps 5 feet tall, or even more if unclipped, but it will only be about 3 feet wide until it is very mature. This plant is easily clipped at almost any time of year, so the ultimate size is in your control. Unlike some other golden evergreens, this one does not turn green in summer, or scorch in the winter sun, so you can be sure of a perfect appearance every day of the year. Use it as part of the foundation planting around your home, or to frame a doorway. Plant it among other shrubs and flowers – it looks especially beautiful with blues and purples.


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