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Golden Gem Ficus (Rubber Tree Plant)


Ficus altissima 'Yellow gem' is in the "fig" or "rubber tree" plant along with so many other varieties. This one has yellow variegated foliage with highlights of cream, green and white throughout the leaf. It can develop into a large tree-houseplant slowly with age.

This plant is relatively easy to grow but seem to do better when not exposed to cold areas like winter drafts, etc. This plant tends to grow in a vertical habit with ovate leaves just like the more common Ficus Burgundy. Golden Gem can also get about 3-4' tall at maturity so make sure that you keep that in mind.

Golden or Yellow Gem thrives in bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves, if your plant is not getting enough sunlight, the two-tone colorway will fade. Water when the soil becomes about 25% dry. and use a good rich, fast draining soil like our AMG Special Blend.

Dangerous if ingested by pets.



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