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Foxtail Lily
Foxtail Lily

Foxtail Lily


Eremurus (Foxtail Lilies) Bungei (Stenophyllus) or Foxtail Lily is  a beautiful perennial with spikes of yellow flowers that brighten the early summer garden. Foxtail lilies are not native to this region but have a compact root, strap-shaped leaves and hundreds of small, individual flowers that attract pollinators. They're showy as a cut flower, too. Deer-resistant perennials, foxtail lilies bloom for 10-15 years without dividing.


Zones 5 - 8. 

Growth Habit

3’ - 6’ tall, 2’ wide. Full sun & moist well drained soil. When planting, give plenty of extra room as this plant does not like to be crowded and will need room to spread. Blooms May - June.


Toxic to dogs and cats. Potentially fatal to cats. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest.