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String of Turtles


Peperomia, 'Prostrata'  is commonly referred to as "String of Turtles" which is a slow growing succulent belonging to the piperaceae family. Prostrata is a miniature peperomia plant with tiny, fleshy, leaves that are only one-fourth of an inch wide. It has a small-spadix like structure, with creeping or trailing leaves and white veins. The height of the plant is approximately 1″ inch to 4″ inches, and its width is approximately 4″ inches. When potted, this vining plant may form a thick mat and cascade over the sides of the container.


  • Light Requirements: Perfect for bright room but out of direct sunlight.
  • Water: Likes moist soil but do not over water (it's thick leaves store water).
  •  Soil: America’s Gardens houseplant soil.
  •  Temperature: 65-80 degrees.
  •  Flowering: Narrow reddish-brown spikes.
  •  Re-Potting: When planting Prostrata, be careful not to over pot as it could make the soil waterlogged.
  •  Disease & Pest: Will tolerate mild infestations without excessive damage; not prone to disease except root rot if over watered.
  •  Toxicity: Non-toxic to pets.