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Semmes Beauty Oakleaf Hydrangea


With Semmes Beauty Oakleaf Hydrangea, you get pretty white clusters of flowers above a bonus — foliage shaped like oak leaves. The white flowers begin appearing in summer and then fade to a soft pink as they age. Furthermore, these blooms appear a couple of weeks earlier than traditional Oakleaf Hydrangeas, and they are also larger and more white. The leaves turn bronze in fall and the shrub is nearly as pretty in autumn as it is when flowering. Semmes Beauty to almost 10 feet high and 20 feet wide, making a bold statement in the summer garden. The white flowers and green- to- bronze foliage make this hydrangea a pretty accent to yellows and purples in the garden. It's also a cold-hardy shrub, surviving winters down to zone 5 and taking heat up to zone 9. Best planted in dappled or morning sun in organic, well drained soil.

Three gallon shrubs are not available for shipment from online orders.

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