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Tiger Paw Begonia


The Tiger Paw Begonia is a strikingly beautiful houseplant that features unique foliage resembling tiger paw prints. The plant is part of the Begonia family and is known for its distinctive appearance and ease of care. The leaves of the Tiger Paw Begonia are large, dark green, and shaped like a paw with a light green pattern resembling tiger stripes on top. The undersides of the leaves are a deep burgundy color.

The plant typically grows to about 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide, making it a great option for smaller spaces. It is also a relatively low-maintenance plant, requiring bright, indirect light and moderate watering. The Tiger Paw Begonia can be grown in a variety of indoor settings, including in hanging baskets, on shelves, or as a tabletop plant.

In addition to its unique foliage, the Tiger Paw Begonia produces small, delicate pink flowers in the spring and summer months. While the flowers are not the main attraction of the plant, they provide a lovely accent to the striking leaves. Overall, the Tiger Paw Begonia is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for houseplant that is sure to add interest and visual appeal to any indoor space.

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