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Information About the Nursery

We invite you to come to our garden center for a visit or browse our online wares. When you enter our garden center, you'll find that there is so much more than meets the eye from the road. Growing space, retail space, knowledgeable employees, ....projects become a true one stop shopping experience to make your living landscape magical. Hundreds of individual plants each one having its own personality (color, textures, growing habits). We have a bond with our plants that started from seeds or cuttings and our love is visible in each plant. 


We grow our own plants in our own greenhouses so we can deliver only quality home grown plants directly to our customers. Our selections range from colorful annuals, enduring perennials, tasty vegetables and fruit shrubs & trees, tropical plants (in the summer), deciduous and evergreen vines, succulents, air and houseplants.

Pots & Planters

We have a large selection of both indoor and outdoor pots from glazed assortments to terracotta - all sizes and shapes and all types of manufacturers. Come on in and check out our selection!


Bulk Products

We carry bulk products such as topsoil, mushroom compost, gravels, river rocks, field stones (pallets) & shredded pine mulch by the ton or by the yard. We can deliver to you or you are also welcome to come and pick it up.

 Garden Products

We strive to maintain an inventory that will allow our customers a "one stop shop" so we carry a variety of tools, fertilizers, insect controls, fungicides, planting accessories that will give you the uppper hand on your planting needs.


Bagged Growing Media (Soils & Mulch)

We carry all types of bagged amendments for your planting needs from cow manure to container mix; we've got it all. Additionally, we carry perlite, vermiculite, coconut coir, etc. for the do it yourself customers. We even have soil that we make ourselves applying years of experience to get just the right blends.

 Ornamental Trees

Knowing that not one tree fits all, we try to maintain a good selection of small to large ornamental trees like several varieties of Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, Redbuds - just to name a few. Come on in and see our dwarf Ginkgo trees that are new to the lot!

Garden Gifts

We carry an assortment of already made gifts that are bundled up into a nice present. Additionally though, we carry small items that provide a nice gift quality as a stand alone. Come on in and see our wind chimes, bird feeders and aprons - just to name a few.

Stones & Rocks

No garden center would be complete if it didn't include hardscape enhancement products. Just for that reason, we carry flagstone, field stone, veneer and other types of stones by the pound and by the pallet. We welcome hard work!