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Curtain Call Deep Rose Anemone


A shorter stature Japanese Anemone that's perfect for extending the season in the garden. Beginning in late summer, this perennial produces dark rose pink flowers that are positioned right above a small mound of green foliage. Spreads slowly through rhizomes. Japanese anenomes are easy to grow when properly sited. In warmer zones, they need protection from the hot, midday sun; dappled shade is ideal. Plant them in rich, loose, well-drained soil. Dry or excessively wet soil and windy conditions are a sure downfall of this plant. 

Zones 4 - 8. 4+ hours of sun daily. The more sun the plant receives, the more prolific the blooms will be. Prefers afternoon shade/dappled sun during the hottest part of the day here in the south.  Like moist, well-drained soil. Keep well-watered but not overly wet. 

14’ - 18’ tall, 16’ - 18’ wide. Spreads via rhizomes. 

Toxic to humans and pets! Do not ingest.

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