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Autumn Jewel Azalea


Autumn Jewel provides landscape color year-round with its pink blooms in spring, summer, and fall, and its attractive purple winter foliage. Autumn Jewel is one of the most cold-hardy Encore Azaleas.

This plant is a re-bloomer meaning that it will bloom both in the spring and the fall. The foliage is green to dark purple and it will become approximately 4' tall and wide at maturity. The large blooms are a full 2 inches across, in clusters, and they are a vibrant magenta-pink with slight purple elements.

Autumn Jewel™ Encore® Azalea prefers to be planted in amended, well-drained soil. Prune in the spring after flowering if necessary. We have found that Encore Azaleas perform best in dappled or morning sun. Water well until established and during dry spells. Enrich the soil with organic material like peat moss or rotted oak leaves since Azaleas like to be fertilized and are acid loving plants. Encore Azaleas are fairly resistant to diseases and pets.

Dangerous if ingested by pets but deer do line to snack on them!

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