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Balloon (Double) Flower


You're going to absolutely love this perennial here in Tennessee. The foliage is fairly easy to care for then the buds are so cool - first the blooms are round and balloon like (looking like they're filled with hot air lol) Then they blooms up up into a long lasting 3" star shaped flower. The dwarf growing, 8-12 in. tall plants are exceptionally bushy and branching, blooming heavily in summer. These are an  excellent low-growing border or rock garden plant. It is a prolific bloomer that is pest and disease free. We're going to class these perennials as partial sun although they do well for a couple of hours in hot afternoon sun. Unfortunately here in Chattanooga, If they're in full hot summer sun all day (into sun-set), the foliage can turn a bit chlorotic in late summer even if watered well.