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Birds Nest Spruce


The bird’s nest spruce is a small evergreen shrub that is also known as the Norway spruce. The bird’s nest spruce has a dense, rounded, spreading growth habit with mostly horizontal branches. It forms a slight dip in the center of its flat top, giving it the appearance of a bird nest. At maturity, this plant reaches 3–4 ft. tall, 6–8 ft. wide.

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It can adapt to several different soil types as long as it is planted in a site that has good drainage. Plus, it typically doesn’t have any major problems with pests or diseases. Watering during dry times will be your primary care task for the bird’s nest spruce. Best planted in full sun. These shrubs can grow in a wide range of soil types, including loamy, sandy, rocky, and even clay soil provided that they have sharp drainage. Wet soil can cause root rot and other diseases that ultimately will kill the plant. Moreover, the shrubs prefer soil with a slightly acidic soil pH but can grow in a neutral soil pH as well.  The bird’s nest spruce likes lightly moist but not soggy soil

It tends to be resistant to deer, rabbits, and other wildlife that often munch on many other garden plants. 

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