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Blue Star Juniper


We like Blue Star as a small, mounded evergreen that gets about 18" tall and wide". An excellent blue foliage creates a cool contrast to the green foliage traditionally found in gardens. Also, a great plant for rock gardens or as a low border plant.

As dwarf shrubs, Blue Star junipers are great plants for tiny spaces. Although they are not a large spreader, they can be used for ground covers but also in containers.

Easy to grow in average soils; prefers well-drained, sandy soil; avoid overly wet conditions. Water deeply and regularly during the first growing season to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Feed with a good evergreen fertilizer in spring. Rarely needs pruning except to shape as desired

Since this plant may cause minor illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea, we list it as dangerous if ingested by pets. Also, since this plant is a little prickly, they are not a desirable snack for deer!

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