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Vintage Jade Dystilium
Vintage Jade Dystilium

Vintage Jade Dystilium


The Vintage Jade® Dystilium is new to the plant scene and it has been a real hit for customers. It's evergreen, relatively maintenance free, easy to grow garden shrub makes it an outstanding selection.

Growth Habit

Vintage Jade is a mounded shrub spreads outward like a cascading waterfall. Beautiful, dense, deep green foliage lasts all year. The Vintage Jade is extremely versatile in the landscape. The Vintage Jade® is unique and showy making it an ideal specimen or focal shrub in a garden or mixed bed. At a mature height of 2-3 feet and width of 5, this hardy shrub can even function as an attractive ground cover. A member of the witch hazel family, petite red flowers appear in the winter.


This very adaptable plant grows in full sun or part shade, tolerates drought, heat and wet soil. It also displays exceptional resistance to disease and insects. Distylium is a good alternative for boxwood, cherry laurel, holly and juniper in foundation plantings or anywhere you want low maintenance evergreens.


This plant is toxic to pets but luckily, deer do not like them!