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Dogwood Empress Of China


An unusual dogwood for this area, we purchased this variety from Oregon several years ago and loved it! Later, we learned that the state of Virginia loved dogwood trees so much that they named it their official tree. An evergreen, Chinese Dogwood has a graceful yet vigorous habit and loads of flowers. Each branch holds up to 150 white blooms that eventually transform into translucent, strawberry-like fruit. Empress of China will light up your partly shaded garden. At maturity, this tree is 15-18′ high x 13-15′ wide.

Two things to remember, when planting dogwood trees, they do not like to have their crown covered with soil or mulch. Because of that, plant the tree with soil approximately one inch from the top of the soil (crown). Also, dogwood love fertilizer and we recommend appying Espoma Holy Tone Fertilizer in late February here in Tennessee.


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