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Fire Power Nandina


Fire Power is a dwarf form of Nandina that typically grows to only 2' tall and as wide. It produces very few flowers or fruit and is basically grown for its attractive foliage. As an evergreen shrub here in Tennessee, the leaves usually retain excellent red color throughout winter. 

At maturity, this plant will reach only 2-3' both tall and wide. Known for it's bright colors as the cooler temperatures approach, it turns a beautiful red color. Great fall and winter color landscape shrub. They have a unique growth habit which is neat to see. This plant thrives on very little care and no pruning which makes it an easy plant to care for in your garden.

Being a very low maintenance shrub,  Fire Power is relatively free of pest and disease problems and even performs reasonably in full sun or shade. After young plants are established, these plants can also be fairly drought tolerant. Fertilize your Fire Power in the spring with a granular, slow release fertilizer to get the best foliage colors. 

All parts of this plant are dangerous if ingested by pets but deer do not like to snack on them!

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