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Greek Oregano


Origanum hirtum. Deeply flavorful, this genuine Greek native should be sown frequently for its flavorful intensity declines as this woody perennial ages. Best raised as transplants sown indoors 6 to 8 weeks prior to setting out after the last spring frost date. At that time, you may transplant them into big terrace pots or into a well-draining, sunny spot in the garden. Over the summer, pinch stem growth to encourage bushy plants growing up to 12" tall. Fresh Oregano provides a more gentle flavor than dried. It is superb atop Greek salads of Cucumbers, Tomatoes and feta. Marvelous in marinated mushrooms: simmer whole mushrooms with dry white wine, olive oil, crushed Garlic, salt, pepper and fresh Oregano leaves until tender. Chill. Serve with Greek cheeses and olives as antipasto. Bee friendly. Woody perennial. Hardiness zones: 4-8. Height: 12".

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