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An exceptional variety with intense, yellow-gold foliage. A standout among other varieties, as it holds its bright color year-round, even through winter. Thrives in summer heat without burning, if watered regularly. Tight, upright pyramidal form becomes conical with age. Excellent garden specimen or hedging shrub. Evergreen.

Because this is a 3 gallon size liner, product is for in store pick-up only - no shipping of this product.

Emerald has a conical, pyramidal growing, moderate grower reaching 8 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide in 10 years; reaches 20 ft. with age. 

Emerald green prefers deep, fertile, loamy, well-drained soil with consistent moisture. Often times in our zone, we get quick/hard rain and our customers think that is enough to keep plants regularly watered. Unfortunately, this often leads to shrub deterioration or even death because most of that type of water is run-off and of minimal benefit to the plant. Consistent watering especially during the initial establishment of shrubs is extremely important. With that in mind, water deeply and regularly during the first growing season to establish an extensive root system. Fertilize with a good evergreen fertilizer in spring. Prune as needed to shape.

 Thujas, although not listed on the ASPCA's list of toxic plants – may cause some digestive upset (diarrhea or vomiting). Unfortunately, deer do like to snack on this plant type!

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