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Fire Light Hydrangea


Fire Light® is the standard to measure all panicle hydrangeas. Blooms emerge creamy-white and age to a vivid red for lots of summer color.

*This product is not available for shipment in 3 gallon liner; 1 gallon liners available for online shopping only.

A full sun hydrangea reaching 72 to 96" both tall and wide. Blooms on new wood. Flowers pink, red and white in early summer.  This plant was bred to have really strong stems, perfect to hold up the enormous flowers this shrub produces.

Panicle hydrangeas are best pruned in early spring. Cut the branches back by about one-third their total length. This plant tolerates a wide range of conditions, but does not grow well in soggy soil. Plant in full sun in zones 3-7; afternoon shade is preferable in warmer areas.

Chewing hydrangeas causes cyanide to be released. The leaves, buds, flowers, and bark all contain the toxin, so if your dog munches any part of your hydrangeas, he could get sick. Unfortunately, deer love to graze on the leaves, flowers, and tender tips of hydrangeas.


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