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Domestic Leopard Iris Lily


Iris domestica, commonly called blackberry lily or leopard lily, is an erect, rhizome perennial which typically grows 2-3' tall. Lily-like, deep orange flowers (to 2" across), spotted with red dots. The flowers appear in early to-mid summer on stems typically rising to 3' tall. Iris-like, medium green leaves (to 10" long) are in flattened fans. Flowers give way to pear-shaped seed pods which split open when ripe (late summer), with each pod revealing a blackberry-like seed cluster, hence the common name of blackberry lily. The spotted flowers are what has caused them to commonly be called leopard lilies. Formerly known as Belamcanda chinensis.

Zones 5 - 10. Full sun. Can tolerate partial shade, but will bloom best with 6 or more hours daily. Like moist but well drained soils. "Wet feet" can quickly kill this plant. They are somewhat drought tolerant, but perform best with regular watering. May self-seed in optimum growing conditions which helps keep these somewhat short-lived perennials in the garden. Blooms early - midsummer. 

2’ - 3’ tall, 9” - 24” wide. Spreads via rhizomes.

Toxic to humans and pets.

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