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Lemon Thyme


Lemon thyme is a Mediterranean herb that has been used to treat illnesses for centuries. Once believed to be a hybrid of garden origin, between Thymus pulegioides and Thymus vulgaris, it has since received its classification after DNA analysis revealed it is its own species (Thymus citriodorus).

The aesthetic appeal and the many uses of lemon thyme in garden treasure are reason enough to plant this aromatic treasure. Using lemon thyme in a garden can bring interest and appeal in various ways. Lemon thyme makes an excellent border plant in a rock garden and thrives in those conditions. Thyme is perfect and will give a pop of color when it flowers or, depending on the cultivar can add yellows and lime greens as well. Growing to about six to 12 inches tall by 12 to 18 inches wide, the compact, aromatic nature of lemon thyme enables it to serve as a nice border plant along your garden beds or edging a path. It can tolerate some light foot traffic and will release gentle wafts of citrus into the air if stepped upon. Fun fact: this fragrance actually acts as a defense mechanism to deter herbivores from gnawing away at the leaves.

Whether you are growing lemon thyme for culinary, medicinal, or ornamental uses in a fixed spot in your landscape or a container, this olfactory delight is relatively carefree. Give your citrusy herb a little water, plenty of light, and some nice warm weather, and it will give you its fresh lemony leaves from spring till the first frost. What is extra special about the herb is that it can be grown indoors as long as you have bright light.

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