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Pineapple Lily Tugela Gem


Pineapple lilies are an unusual spike flower inflorescence with bract on top resembling a pineapple. Tugela Gem is another variety of Pineapple Lily that forms a rosette of rippled-edged, fleshy, green leaves, topped in July (NC) with 28" tall spikes, composed of lovely rosy pink flowers. After the flowers age, the developing seed pods turn a striking dark purple...quite unusual and very attractive.

Pineapple lilies look tropical when they flush up with fleshy leaves and flower spikes that appear to be miniature "pineapples" at the top of each stem. Flowers begin opening from the bottom up and have a perfect star shape to them. They bloom in late summer and reach about 18" high when blooming and 18-24" wide.

Hardy in zones 6-9, we're fine in our zone (7). If you feel like you want to, you may insulate wth mulch or lift bulbs to store in a frost-free location for the winter. Spacing 6 to 10 inches apart, covered with 4 inches of fluffy, amended soil. If desired, light mulch after top growth begins. They prefer full sun.

Lilies, including Asiatic lilies and daylilies, can be toxic to both dogs and cats, however the effects are much more severe in cats. Eucomis is deer resistant, pest free and very easy to grow.

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