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Little Miss Figgy Fig Tree


Little Miss Figgy Fig Tree is a dwarf fig tree reaching only 6-8' tall and 3-4' wide at maturity. With a dwarf compact habit, it is smaller and more cold hardy than comparable figs, yet bears large and more prolific fruits spring and fall.

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As with most fig trees, Miss Figgy is a self fertile so no pollinator is required. Loaded with calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber, figs are definitely a healthy fruity. Miss Figgy is the smallest variety you can find making it perfect for container growing.

Miss Piggy will do best in full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day) but can tolerate some shade. If you grow Miss Piggy in a container, try to keep her where she gets lots of sun (large sunny window indoors or in a sunny area on your porch). Whether in a container or in the ground, fig trees perform best in well-drained, organically rich soils. Water when the top two inches of the soil seem dry.

Like many plants, while figs are perfectly safe for humans, the fruit, leaves and sap of figs and fig trees is toxic and irritating to your cat. While the toxicity of figs is low to moderate, if you suspect your cat has ingested any toxic substance you should seek immediate veterinary care. Deer don't seem to like to snack on fig trees!