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Starship Scarlet Bronze Leaf Lobelia


A replacement for 'Vulcan Red'. This perennial has similar excellent bronzing on the leaves to its predecessor, but adds better basal branching and is earlier to flower. Cardinal red flower spikes. Native to North America, this tall scarlet red blooming perennial will add pizazz to your landscape. The bronzing on the green leaves perfectly complements the cardinal-red color of the blossoms. Hummingbirds and butterflies will be attracted to your garden by the tubular flowers that appear in its first year. Lobelia speciosa has a long, summer bloom period.  It has no serious insect or disease problems; deer and rabbits avoid eating it.

Zones 6 - 10. Full sun - part sun. Prefers moist conditions (still needs well drained soil). Blooms midsummer to fall. 

It grows to a height of 22” - 28”, thriving in wet locations. 16” - 22” wide.  Starship Scarlet Bronze Leaf™ has a growth habit that is upright, sturdy, and bushy.

Toxic. Do not ingest.

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