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Needlepoint Holly
Needlepoint Holly

Needlepoint Holly


Needlepoint Holly (Ilex cornuta 'Needlepoint) is a nice thick low maintenance shrub that can be used easily as a hedge. The leaves are smooth-sided, except for one single spine at the tip of each leaf. Like other Hollies, the Needlepoint Holly will give you a beautiful show of red berries in the fall and winter. But unlike other Hollies, you only need one plant to produce berries in the fall - no cross-pollination from a second variety required!

Growth Habit

Extremely adaptable and tough requiring little maintenance. A relatively fast grower, this plant reaches 8-10' feet high at maturity and 10-12' wide.


This holly is tolerant of most soils except poorly-drained ones and can be grown in full to partial sun. It is tolerant of heat and humidity and is drought tolerant once established, making it a good choice for the south.


To put it simply, the berries of the holly plant are toxic—not only to dogs, but also to other animals and children. It tolerates salt, drought, heat, and poor soil and it is pest, disease, and deer resistant.

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