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Pink Muhly Grass


A beautiful ornamental grass, Muhllenbergia (Muhly) gets delicate pink flowers mature on long, narrow, wiry leaves in the fall. The grass produces tiny, purplish seeds. Pink muhly grass can reach a height of 4 feet and a width of 3 feet. Give it plenty of sunshine and transplant it into well-drained soil. A North American native, pink muhly grass sounds too good to be true. Long-lived, with little to no insect or disease pests, and highly resistant to deer grazing, this ornamental grass is perfect for the low-maintenance garden. Muhly grass tolerates heat, humidity, drought, and poor soil. Pink Muhly Grass is not toxic to animals so it's safe to be planted in areas that have pets or wildlife. It's also deer resistant which means it won't become their favorite snack to eat out of your yard.

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