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Purple King Erythronium Dens-Canis


Purple King erythronium dens-canis, also known as Dog's Tooth Violet, grows small, pale purple flowers with mustard yellow centers. The exotic-looking blooms sit amid glossy, bronze-speckled foliage that creates a highly attractive backdrop.

Purple King makes a striking addition to sun-dappled borders, along shady tree lines or between evergreen shrubs during the spring season. Blooms In: Apr-May, hardy in zones 3-8, height of 3-5" at maturity. Has large flowers, 1-1½" across with reflexed petals, reminiscent of cyclamen. Leaves are marbled with purplish brown.

Plant in part shade in well-drained soil. 

This carefree plant is easy to grow, naturalizes beautifully and is not bothered by hungry deer.

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