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Soil 4-in-1 Tester


Product Description

The Rapitest 4-Way Analyzer offers the best value, but featuring (4) premium meters in one. This multi-purpose meter allows you to monitor the conditions of soil pH, soil moisture, light quantity and total combined Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potash (K) levels. The extensive instructions guide you through the use of each function and also provide recommendations based on your results. A cleaning pad is also included which allows you to properly scrub the probes between uses. No batteries required.

From the Manufacturer

The rapitest 4-way Analyzer was designed and engineered in the USA to help gardeners measure 3 important soil requirements and sunlight levels, for more successful gardening: Soil pH to determine if soil is acidic or alkaline; total measurement of N, P and K to determine if plants are over or under fertilized; and a soil moisture reading to help prevent over watering of plants. The meter is also calibrated to the Mean Solar Table developed by USDA. It is designed and engineered solely to measure sunlight for plants. The meter uses an exclusive purple chromatic filter to color correct light for plants. No batteries required for operation.