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Winter Prep & Pruning Class

Winter Prep & Pruning Class

 On Saturday, November 11, we had our first class for the public on Winter Prep & Pruning. Weather you were new to gardening or just wanting to learn something new, this event was for you. We hosted two separate classes; one 12-1PM and the other at 3-4PM. Warm apple cider was served and we did a gift raffle for both classes.Tickets were only $15 and it the class was a hit!

Flower Beds


Pruning Shrub – Three D’s & 90 degree rule (dead, disease, damage…) Pruners clean! Blooming cycle relative to pruning, e.g., hydrangea, azaleas, Rhodos.

Bulb Plants, Perennial Pruning

Planting – Good time; bad time? How to..





                Pruning (three D’s):        

                Healing Cuts – Promotes Branching (cut ¼” above a bud at 45 degree angle)

Thinning Cuts

                Re-leadering Cuts – Reduce height or width

                Jump Cut – Reduce weight of heavy branches



     Seed/Sod – grass types?


                Winter weed killer…cool season weeds vs warm season weeds?


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