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Burning Bush


Burning bush is a popular, deciduous shrub in our area (zone 7).  The dense, multi-stemmed, rounded shrub gets its common name from the transformation of its medium-green elliptical leaves into brilliant red fall foliage; the red-orange berries that arrive in the fall provide additional decorative value. Tiny yellow-green flowers bloom on the plant in the late spring, though they aren’t very showy. At maturity, this plant reaches 3-20 ft. tall, 3-12 ft. wide

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Plant Burning Bush in any kind of well-drained soil, even sand. After a little help with water to become established it will ask for nothing else, but thrive and grow in the coldest and hottest places. It develops the best fall colors in full sun, but grows well in shade too. Even in shade it turns beautiful shades of soft pink, lightening up a dark corner of the garden.

This plant is not even eaten by deer, or bothered by pests, so as an easy to grow but very attractive shrub it is unbeatable.