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Dwarf Burning Bush


We have ordered 12; 2Gal from Greenleaf for Spring '22 Delivery.

Dwarf Burning Bush really is a plant that belongs in every garden. It is the ideal background plant for a smaller space, since it stays around 6 feet tall, or a little taller, growing dense and neat without any care at all. It is very hardy, down to minus 30 degrees, it grows anywhere in the country, and it is also drought resistant. This plant is not even eaten by deer, or bothered by pests, so as an easy to grow but very attractive shrub it is unbeatable. Plant a row for a screen or hedge, or a group to fill an awkward corner of the garden. In fall it turns into a spectacular ball or glowing scarlet-red that lights up the garden like nothing else can. You will love this plant for its easy-care ways and its brilliant fall finale.

  • Brilliant scarlet-red leaves in fall
  • Compact growing to about 8 feet tall
  • Cold and drought resistant
  • Ideal for a low-care hedge or screen
  • Attractive smooth green leaves in spring and summer

Plant the Dwarf Burning Bush in any kind of well-drained soil, even sand. After a little help with water to become established it will ask for nothing else, but thrive and grow in the coldest and hottest places. It develops the best fall colors in full sun, but grows well in shade too. Even in shade it turns beautiful shades of soft pink, lightening up a dark corner of the garden.


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