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Walkers Junior Low Catmint


Nepeta which blooms in early summer through fall is commonly called catmint, though not all species and varieties produce leaves whose scent is highly attractive and mood-altering to cats. Nepeta cataria (Walkers Junior) is the true catnip that is loved by house cats; the organic compound nepetalactone, which acts as a cat attractant, was first isolated from this species. Not all cats react to this compound; 30% or more of the feline population is completely insensitive to it. Many plants in the genus Nepeta are deterrents for certain insects, including aphids and squash bugs. 

Zones 4 - 9. Full - partial sun. Here in Tennessee, some shade from the hot afternoon sun would be ideal. Moist but well drained soil. Blooms early summer to fall. Low maintenance and drought tolerant once established. Can cut back before first flower to maintain compact size.

14” - 16” tall, 30” - 35” wide. Low, spreading habit. 


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