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Sulfur Dust


Control diseases in your lawn and garden with Sulfur Plant Fungicide Micronized Spray or Dust from Bonide! This special formula can be used on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals around your home. Fine sulfur particles adhere to plants easily to effectively prevent and control common diseases. Approved for organic gardening, Sulfur Plant Fungicide can even be used up to the day of harvest. Sulfur Plant Fungicide can be applied to grapes, peaches, berries, roses, ornamental shrubs and more. Control common plant diseases including rust, leaf spot, powdery mildew and other listed diseases! Sulfur Plant Fungicide Micronized Spray or Dust serves a dual purpose and can be used to control fleas, ticks and mites on listed animals. This product arrives conveniently ready-to-use! To use, apply as a dust or mix with water to create a micronized liquid spray solution. Please see product label for full use instructions.

  • Sulfur fungicide controls listed diseases on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals
  • Approved for organic gardening
  • Controls rust, leaf spot, powdery mildew and more listed diseases
  • Can be used as a dust or spray
  • Can be used up to day of harvest
  • Dust 1 lb shaker container