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Mixed Hardy Ground Orchid


Bletilla striata 'Blue Dragon', 'Kuchibeni', 'Shi-ran' are the easiest orchid to grow in your garden but it may be a slow starter so be patient. This beautiful, hand-selected mix of colors does very well in partial shade and will produce more flowers each year. It does not like to have wet roots during the winter, but it is hardy!  

Hardy from zones 5-9, these orchids bloom in late spring and early summer. Small, cattleya-like, flowers to 11/2" long in 3-7 flowered racemes atop naked scapes typically rising to 20" tall. Mature height and spread is 18-24". Plant 4" deep.

Best results come from planting hardy orchids in well-drained soil in a full sun to partly shaded area. Average water needs. Water regularly, do not over water and place in acidic, clay/loamy sandy soil.

Deer resistant. Orchids are not toxic to pets.


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