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Ruffles Cherry Laurel


Ruffles Cherry Laurel is another type of laurel in the durable evergreen shrub family. It has interesting "ruffled" dark green leaves. It grows large and can be used as as a screen for shaded areas or a tall hedge. 

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Cherry laurel is an evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves this plant grows up to 20' tall and can spread to 10 feet wide. This plant blooms in the spring with alot of  fragrant flowers (attracts bees) that bloom even in heavy shade. It is generally a larger plant with larger, broader leaves than dwarf cultivars 'Otto Luyken' or 'Schipkaensis'. As with most laurels, Ruffles is susceptible to shot-hole disease!

This plant grows best in dappled sun areas. Like most Laurels, Ruffles is tolerant of dry and poor soils, pollution, and heavy pruning. It has a rapid growth rate with competitive roots. Hardiness zone is 6-8 and water needs are average.

Very Dangerous if ingested by pets and one of the least desirable snacks for deer!

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