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Super Cherokee White Princess Dogwood


Much like the ever-popular Cherokee Princess Dogwood, Super Princess has an extra heavy set of large flowers with bracts 4 to 5 inches across that cover the tree like snow in early to mid spring. The medium to dark green glossy leaves turn to outstanding shades of red to reddish purple with the arrival of cooler temperatures in fall. As with other flowering dogwoods, abundant clusters of deep red berries are displayed in fall persisting well into winter providing cool season interest and a delectable delight for the birds. At 15 to 20 feet tall and wide, Super Princess Dogwood is a majestic small tree with horizontally spreading lines and a layered effect perfect for use around partially shaded patios and other outdoors living spaces or in landscape or woodland borders.

Because this is a 5 gallon size liner, product is for in store pick-up only - no shipping of this product.

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