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Sweet (Tea) Olive Osmanthus


Maturity Heigh & Widtht: 6-15'

Sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans) is a large upright shrub native to many parts of Asia and belonging to the Olive family (Oleaceae). This plant can reach up to 20 feet tall with a 6-8 feet wide span, but is usually seen in our landscapes at around six feet high. Its opposite leave arrangement are a dark, shiny green and the edges may be finely toothed or smooth with both types present on the same individual. As the plant matures, most of the foliage is held at the outermost ends of the stems, but the plant retains a handsome appearance despite their leggyness. In autumn, winter and early spring white flowers cover the shrub. It blooms intermittently throughout the summer. Individually the blossoms are small and inconspicuous, but the fragrance is powerful and exquisite. Sweet olive is rather slow growing and is usually quite long lived.


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