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Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar


This dramatic weeping evergreen makes a special addition to any landscape. Superb specimen for minimal-care gardens. Naturally slow-growing with a sprawling horizontal habit, though often trained into an upright, serpentine form.

Because this is a 7 gallon size liner, product is for in store pick-up only - no shipping of this product.

It has drooping, vertical branches with beautiful steel-blue needles and no well-defined central leader. Its height and form can be controlled by training its central leader.  With proper support, the central leader will grow in an upward direction.  Without support, this same leader will tend to cascade downward.  

The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar should be grown in full sun. It can be grown from zone 6 to zone 8, and it is very tolerant of heat and humidity, as well as drought. It will grow in most soils, but prefers deep, well-drained acidic soils. It is considered to be drought resistant when established.

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